I hate music !

I Hate Music!: A Cycle of Five Kid Songs

Έργο για Σοπράνο & Πιάνο
του Leonard Bernstein, αφιερωμένο στη φίλη του Edys Merrill
συγκάτοικό του στην δεκαετία του '40

Δεν ξέρω αν είχε, γενικά, χιούμορ ο Leo, πάντως θα γέλασαν πολύ με την Edy, της οποίας τα νεύρα θα γίνονταν τσατάλια κάθε φορά που ο συνθέτης συνόδευε στο πιάνο διδάσκοντας τις τραγουδιάρες, στο διαμέρισμα που συγκατοικούσαν, και αναφωνούσε το πόσο μισούσε τη μουσική! 
Θα μπορούσε, βέβαια, ο τίτλος να ήταν I hate Leonard! αλλά αγαπάμε Μπερνστάιν...
Ο Κύκλος αυτών των 5 σύντομων παιδικών τραγουδιών, παρουσιάστηκε στην Ν.Υόρκη το 1943 από τον ίδιο τον Bernstein και την Jennie Tourel, η οποία έπρεπε να αποδώσει τις εκφράσεις και τον χαρακτήρα ενός 10χρονου κοριτσιού, της Barbara.

Οι τίτλοι των 5 τραγουδιών είναι:

1. My Name is Barbara
2. Jupiter Has Seven Moons
3. I Hate Music!
4. A Big Indian and A Little Indian
5. I'm a Person Too
Και οι στίχοι τους:

1. My Name is Barbara
My mother said
That babies come in bottles
But last week she said
They grew on special babies bushes
I don't believe in the storks, either
They're all in the zoo
Busy with their own babies
And what's a baby bush anyway?
My name is Barbara

2. Jupiter Has Seven Moons

Jupiter has seven moons
Or is it nine?
Saturn has a million, billion, trillion sixty nine!
And everyone is a little sun with six little moons of its own!
But we have only one
Just thinking of all the fun we'd have if there were nine?
Then we could be just nine more times romantic!
Dogs would bath till they were frantic
We'd have nine tides in the alantic!
The man in the moon would be gigantic!
But we have only one!
Only one!

3. I Hate Music!

I hate music, but I like to sing
But that's not music!
Not what I call music, no sir!
Music is a lot of men with a lot of tails
Making lots of noise like a lot of females
Music is a lot of folks in a big dark hall
Where they really don't want to be at all
With a lot of chairs
And a lot of heirs
And a lot of furs and diamonds!
Music is silly
I hate music, but I like to sing

4. A Big Indian and A Little Indian

A big Indian and a little Indian were walking down the street
The little Indian was the son of the big Indian
But the big Indian was the not the father of the little Indian
You see the riddle is
If the little Indian was the son of the big Indian
But the big Indian was not the father of the little Indian
Then who was he? I'll give you two measures
His mother!

5. I'm a Person Too
I just found out today that I'm a person too
Like you
I like balloons
Lots of people like balloons
But ev'ryone says, "Isn't she cute? She likes balloons!"
I'm a person too, like you!
I like things that ev'ryone likes
I like soft things and movies and horses and warm things and red things
Don't you?
I have lots of thoughts
Like what's behind the sky?
And what's behind what's behind the sky?
But ev'ryone says, "Isn't she sweet? She wants to know ev'rything!"
Don't you?
Of course, I'm very young to be saying all these things in front of so many people like you
But I'm a person too!
Though I'm only 10 years old
I'm a person too
Like you!

2 σχόλια:

habilis είπε...

Δεν το πιστεύω.. Πως από εδώ στα παλιά λημέρια ?

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